The 249 most online searched HS codes of export products

249 Of The Most Searched HS Codes of Export Products

If your export products are always the same, you may know which HS Code to use by now. But if you are a trader looking for new export opportunities or just trying to diversify your offer, this is the right … Continue Reading

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Recoupera on how to setup a company and export from India

7 Easy Steps To Start A Company And Export From India

There is a great variety of products you can export from India and the business can reap great rewards. But you must know all the steps that take you from initial inception of your company to selling around the world. … Continue Reading

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Recoupera 5 Mistakes to avoid when selling internationally

5 Mistakes When Selling Internationally That Will Cause You Cash Flow Pain

Selling internationally can make or break your business. There are different reasons why things may go wrong but committing certain mistakes is foolish. Nobody’s perfect but what you can do is to know what things can financially disrupt your business … Continue Reading

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Recoupera 10 Reasons Export Collecting Bad Debt cover

10 Reasons Why Export Business Should Plan Collecting Bad Debt

Collecting bad debt is often underestimated in international transactions. Buyers and sellers view payment from their own perspective and this may sometimes determine conflicts. Order disputes, wrong invoicing, legal requirements and more may lead to payment delays and uncollectible accounts. … Continue Reading

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What is Fob and How it works

What Is FOB In Shipping and How Does It Work?

In international trade the Free on Board (FOB) Incoterms rule is only used for ocean shipments of goods. So, never use it for air shipments, for example. Importers and exporters need to know the costs and risks when shipping goods. … Continue Reading

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Five tips for improving business cash flow cover article

5 Tips For Improving Your Business Cash Flow

Every business cash flow needs control and stay healthy. If your customers don’t pay you on time, you cannot pay your suppliers. Thus, you cannot sell and your business comes to a halt.   So, to avoid that you must … Continue Reading

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9 Steps to improve past due receivables collection rates

9 Steps to Improve Past Due Receivables Collection Rates

One of the greatest troubles small businesses face is cash flow shortage. It’s a pain when customers do not pay your invoices on time and collection rates suffer. Add that you have to call and remind them that their payment … Continue Reading

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Measuring Bad Debt with Predictive Credit Scoring Improves Debt Recovery

How Measuring Bad Debt With Predictive Scoring Improves Debt Recovery

When you trade on credit with international customers the risk of non-payment increases. Several factors affect your customers ability to pay you on time. So, you must ensure you adopt all possible tools and means to prevent delinquency and bad … Continue Reading

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Recoupera managing order to cash

Managing Order-to-Cash To Prevent Delinquency

Does your sales team know about what Order-to-Cash entails? They might feel successful because they generate many orders. Fine. But, do you believe that’s all you want?   Successful sales orders are only those converting into cash. So, to achieve … Continue Reading

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HS codes for import and export

What is an HS Code for Import and Export?

When you trade internationally there’s a plethora of things to deal with. You are not only working on your foreign customers order and checking if they can pay you. You also need to ensure compliance to international trade regulations. Then, … Continue Reading

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8 things you should know about accounts receivables

8 Things You Should Know About Accounts Receivable

In whatever business you operate in, you can’t be always on top of the game and know every detail. Nobody does. Yet, there are things that you need to keep fresh in mind when using tools crucial to your job. … Continue Reading

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Five clever tips for successful debt collection in Mexico

5 Clever Tips For Successful Debt Collection In Mexico

Debt collection in Mexico is possible like in many places around the world. Just in case you wondered. If you struggled recovering money from Mexican businesses before, maybe you know what we are going to cover. If you don’t, read … Continue Reading

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