A Service Designed With You And Us In Mind

It’s not just about us and our service. It’s how we got there that’s important.

And the problem we managed to solve.


Imagine about your accounts receivable like empty boxes open at the top, where you put in your manufactured goods. Your customers come to your office and say they want to buy some. They promise to replace the goods in the boxes with money. You’re happy.

So, you hand them over provided they’ll pay you at a later date. They agree and commit. Now, everyone is happy. But the payment day comes and despite your reminders, calls and emails, some of your customers don’t pay you. The boxes remain empty.

You were sure about their creditworthiness because you cared asking around but cannot track them down anymore. Or simply you cannot reach them. What do you do?


We were in the same situation


We were like you. Many times staring at those empty boxes like you’re now or you’ll be doing at some point. We wished to have a solution in place but there wasn’t. We weren’t ready, had no time, no resources, no money to cover the loss. Banks were not lenient either. However, we started to look for some help. It wasn’t that easy as we thought.


What did we do?


We searched online, read about services offers in other languages, tried to understand foreign legal protections and regulations. We wanted to be sure the person on the other side was a licensed and certified debt collector. Most of all, making sure of hiring a professional. It took us long time each time. In some cases, we managed to succeed. In others, we failed. We were too busy working on dozens of accounts in four continents. We could not focus every single time. But one question lingered. Why can’t we make this process robust, quick and easy to follow?


Here’s what we did, eventually…


We built this system to flatten these obstacles and many others at once. We worked to make it as simple and easy as possible exactly like a small business needs. As we saw it should be, as you do.


And here is how we can help you


Wherever your delinquent customers are based, located, the country they conduct their business from, their assets, we give you access to our global network of smart collection guys who know how to locate them and ask for your money back, legally. No threats, no bad words. It’s only about filling up the boxes with your missing money. To help you get back what is owed to you. Simply, the solution to your problem.


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